CSE pressure on community energy risk fund pays off

Announcement of new rural renewable energy fund

1 December 2011

More than two years of work by CSE is paying dividends, following the announcement of government plans for a new £15 million Rural Community Renewable Energy Fund.

The encouraging news, revealed as made as part of the Chancellor’s autumn statement, will mean Government support for communities to meet the upfront cost of developing renewable energy projects and thus remove a major barrier to community-driven renewable energy project development.

The brief statement can be found in the Autumn Statement document which is available on the Treasury's website.

CSE's Chief Executive Simon Roberts has been promoting this sort of initiative to government for several years. He said: “Although the details have yet to be finalised, this is great news. It means there will be a fund to lend to communities to help them pay for the ‘at risk’ costs of project development, like environmental impact assessments and planning applications.

"There’s been a huge gap in provision until now, so its very rewarding to see the government has been listening and is responding so positively. Most importantly, this fund has the potential to transform community perceptions of renewable energy development, shifting from something ‘done to them’ by outside interests to something they can be involved with and own on their own terms.”

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