Talking about the Green Deal

Conference seeks ways to make the Green Deal work locally

13 October 2011

Almost 100 delegates attended a conference today (Thursday 13 October 2011) organised jointly by CSE and Severn Wye Energy Agency which looked at the Green Deal and the opportunities and challenges of this radical development in Government energy efficiency policy.

This important one-day conference was targeted specifically at South West local authority officers, local councillors and social landlords.

CSE's Chief Executive, Simon Roberts, said: “The event provided a great opportunity to share what we have already learned and explore possible approaches to Green Deal and low carbon refurbishment in the future. It’s clear from the feedback that people found it really useful and are keen to be involved in our work in this area as it develops.

"We look forward to building on this event and to deepening our collective understanding of the best ways to creating viable, locally beneficial provision of the Green Deal.”

You can download all the speaker presentations from this page.

Speakers included senior representatives from DECC and Scottish and Southern Energy as well as experts from CSE and SWEA.

The event, which took place at Bristol’s Watershed Media Centre, was funded by CSE and SWEA with a contribution from Scottish and Southern Energy.

How can the Green Deal work for community energy groups?

In the evening it was the turn of community organisations. This seperate but similar event, organised in partnership with Bristol Energy Network, focussed particularly on the opportunities the Green Deal could offer community energy groups and social enterprises.

"We had over 70 delegates, which is testament both to the sheer number of energy groups in and around Bristol but also to fact that so many of us are just not sure about how the Green Deal is going to work," said Bridget Newbery, from CSE's Local and Community Empowerment team.

"There was definitely some scepticism in the room, particularly about whether this scheme will live up to the ambitious rhetoric which accompanied its launch. But I also heard a lot of positive comments from those determined to use the Green Deal as a vehicle for making the cuts in carbon we need and bringing down fuel bills."

Jake Barnes from Bristol Energy Network remains positive about the opportunities the Green Deal presents to communities, and the important role they have to play in its implementation. "Community groups may be 'resource poor', but they are much more effective at engaging their local neighbourhoods than installers and energy companies, and can engender more trust and motivate households beyond purely financial benefit," he said.

Click here to download a PDF of Phillip Morris's presentation. It also contains a presentation about CSE's proposed Green Deal Incubator.

NB Interest in this community event was very high, and we're sorry that we couldn't accommodate everyone who wished to attend. We'll be presenting the same material again at the Somerset Community Energy Forum (venue TBC) on 26 November. If you wish to reserve a place at this, email

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