Handing over the controls

West Somerset residents set to benefit from new initiative

4 October 2011

“Whilst heating your home can be expensive, there are ways you can reduce costs without resorting to turning the heating off completely.”

So says CSE’s Mike McClelland, who runs our Somerset West Hard-to-Treat scheme, which offers help to those householders whose homes can’t easily be treated with loft and cavity insulation – and so require a more complex range of insulation solutions.

“The recent gas and electricity price hikes are worrying for everyone, and are likely to push millions more households into fuel poverty – but there are a number of things that everyone can do to cut their fuel bills,” added Mike.

One of these is to hand more control back to the householder – and the Hard-to-Treat scheme is offering residents help in doing this.

Homeowners in West Somerset who are over 60, have children under 16, live in a house that is off the gas network, or who have a solid wall, will now be able to receive assistance with the cost of the following:

  • Cash back of £15 per Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) fitted in their home, up to a maximum of seven
  • Cash back of up to £75 for fitting a programmer or thermostat, which could save up to £50 per year on your bills

As Mike explained: “A full set of heating controls will help you save energy and money, making sure the heat you pay for is put to good use and helping to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.”

You can find out more about the Somerset West Hard-to-Treat scheme here.

Ian Timms from West Somerset District Council said: “We recognise some people are being hit hard by the fuel bill increases and we want to do everything we can to help. West Somerset is a largely rural area and many properties are not connected to the gas network often making the cost of heating their homes substantial.”

On top of the new heating controls offer, Somerset West Hard-to-Treat scheme also offers a grant of up to 25% for homeowners to assist with the cost of installing solid wall, floor and complex roof insulation – even if homeowners do the work themselves.

To find out more, call 0800 512 012* and ask to speak to someone about the ‘Somerset West Hard to Treat’ scheme.

* This is the number of the Energy Saving Trust advice service which offers free, impartial advice about this and other energy saving grants and offers. (The Somerset West Hard-to-Treat scheme is being funded and managed independently from the Energy Saving Trust).

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