Addressing public concerns about wind power

CSE research paper aims to raise level of debate

11 May 2011

CSE has published a research paper that addresses some of the misconceptions surrounding wind energy.

‘Common concerns about wind power’ draws on peer-reviewed articles and as written in response to requests from community groups for factual information about the subject.

Separate chapters look in detail at a range of issues including: efficiency, energy payback times, subsidies, shadow flicker and epilepsy, noise, bat and bird mortality, and effects on property prices. It also has a section on nuclear power.

You can download the research paper here, or click on the on-line reader below.

By May 2014, Common Concerns about Wind had been downloaded over 23,000 times making it one of our most popular pieces of work ever. We've also distributed some 8,000 printed copies.

We're happy to send one or two printed copies to individuals and community groups free of charge. For larger orders there is a cost of £2.95 each plus delivery, with discounts for orders of 100-plus.

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