PlanLoCaL resource pack now available

New pack helps communities deliver energy projects

28 April 2011

Hot on the heels of last month’s launch of the PlanLoCaL website, the accompanying PlanLoCaL resource pack is now available.

PlanLoCaL is a three-year CSE project which aims to help communities engage positively with their local planning system and contribute to a low-carbon future.

Designed for campaigners and local volunteers who want to set up a renewable energy project within their communities, the distinctive orange and white pack contains all the information necessary for getting a project off the ground.

“Whether you’re group of friends, work colleagues or neighbours just starting to look for ways to make a difference in your neighbourhood, or whether you’re a well-structured group with plans already in place for your community, the PlanLoCaL resource pack has something to offer,” explained CSE’s Rachel Coxcoon, who developed and manages the project.

The pack contains a range of exercises, case studies, and technical information which takes groups through the process of setting up a low-carbon or renewable energy project, from adopting a recognised legal form, to carrying out consultation with the community, selecting an appropriate renewable technology, sourcing funding and investing income from the project. There’s also information on the ways a locally owned energy project can benefit the community in which it is based.

“It is an equally valuable resource for community development workers or similar professionals, who recognise the benefits that renewable energy projects can have on communities, but who need something to get them started,” added Rachel. “This resource pack will help set the ball rolling.”

The pack also contains two DVDs which feature a series of short films on subjects such as:

  • Introducing different renewable technologies
  • Helping decide which technology is best for you
  • Case studies about various projects
  • A rough guide to managing a project
  • Consulting with the community
  • Helping your group become legally recognised
  • Dealing with the planning system
  • Looking at ways to fund your project
  • The future and re-investing your profits

These films are also viewable via and YouTube (

To request a free copy of the pack visit: and complete an order form.

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