Drip, drip, drip effect aims to tackle water use

CSE teams up with Bristol Water to cut bills for residents

28 April 2011

The average person in the UK uses 150 litres of water a day. A staggering amount, and one which means that, according to a recent report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, thousands of low income households are now at risk of water poverty.

Householders in the South West are especially vulnerable, with water bills on average around 43% higher than the rest of the country.

Now CSE is tackling the problem of rising water bills across Bristol and Somerset by teaming up with Bristol Water and, through the Bristol Energy Efficiency Scheme and Warm Streets, promoting water conservation to Bristol and Somerset residents.

This includes the distribution of free water-saving kit such as ‘shower savers’, ‘save-a-flush’ toilet cistern devices, tap inserts and a water audit leaflets.

“Of course, if your home has a water meter and you cut down on your use of hot water, you save twice; once on the water and again on the energy you use to heat it,” explains BEES project manager, Michael McClelland. “We reckon these households can make savings of up to £100 a year on the combined cost of their water and energy.”

Alongside this new initiative, CSE’s Warm Streets Communities project is currently offering free water saving showerheads to community groups in Somerset. Uptake has been very positive, with six groups trialling the provision of water advice within their communities.

Beyond individual households, water saving will impact upon national carbon emission targets, due to the amount of energy required to supply water to homes and businesses. And if the current spell of dry weather continues, we can expect to hear a lot more about ‘toilet hippos’ and shower timers.

To find out more about CSE’s partnership with Bristol Water contact Mike McClelland: michael.mcclelland@cse.org.uk or 0117 934 1445.

If you’re interested in insulation or other efficiency advice call 0800 512 012. Alternatively, if you’re a Bristol resident, contact bees@cse.org.uk or a Somerset resident, contact warmstreets@cse.org.uk.

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