Public buildings energy data release makes a big impact

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5 April 2011

Last month CSE took the step of placing the full Display Energy Certificate Register for all public buildings in England and Wales (some 40,000 of them) on our website, making it publicly available in one place for the first time (see news story).

We did this in the expectation that others would find the dataset useful and interesting – and it looks as if we were right.

The Guardian was quick to seize the opportunity and on its DataBlog used the data in combination with mapping software making it easy for readers to see the energy efficiency of buildings that they know and use.

This triggered the interest of many local newspapers and radio stations, who naturally focussed on buildings in their patch, asking why some of them weren’t performing better. Specialist and industry media were also quick to report the data.

Joshua Thumim is CSE’s Head of Research and Analysis, and was the person whose persistence finally persuaded the Government to release the data under the Environmental Information Regulations. “We are particularly pleased by the enthusiastic response to the release of the data by buildings professionals – exactly the kind of people whose expertise and engagement is required if we are to raise the energy performance of our public buildings.”

The organisations reporting on the issue include Energy & Environmental Management, BSRIA, Business Green and the Chartered Institute of Building.

Web traffic to increased to record levels following the data release, so much so that we had to transfer the data files to a new hosting facility to avoid hundreds of downloads overwhelming our website.

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