Helping tenants to ‘switch off’

CSE teams up with Somer Housing to deliver advice projects

3 February 2011

CSE’s advice team has been working closely with Somer Community Housing Trust delivering two new projects that help tenants, staff and local volunteers to make financial and fuel savings in their own home – as well supporting others to do so as part of their workplace duties.

The two projects – ‘Switch Off TwertOn’ and ‘Somer Warm and Well’ – encompass a wide range of methods to help people learn more about their energy use.

Bridget Newbery is managing the projects for CSE. "Switch Off TwertOn’ is an exciting pilot project centred in the Bath suburb of Twerton. It involves training volunteers who are tenants of Somer Housing so that they can then make home visits to other Somer tenants who may be friends or neighbours, carrying out home energy audits and providing face-to-face advice.”

‘Somer Warm and Well’ has offered a series of energy workshops, presentations training sessions and articles to help both Somer staff and tenants to make informed and effective decisions about their energy use.

As part of the scheme CSE has also run an energy-monitor loan scheme with Somer staff, encouraging residents to find out for themselves how much energy they are using. CSE has also produced information packs and leaflets for residents, volunteers and staff to use.

[Thumbnail image: Abigail Batchelder, reproduced under creative commons]

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