CSE at launch of community energy research programme

‘Community Innovation in Sustainable Energy’

10 January 2011

CSE’s Chief Executive, Simon Roberts was among the panel of speakers at the launch of a new research programme which aims to understand the conditions for success for community-driven sustainable energy initiatives and their future potential.

The research project ‘Community Innovation in Sustainable Energy’ was developed by the Universities of East Anglia and Sussex, who hosted a launch event at the start of December which was attended by community activists, social entrepreneurs, government officials and academics.

Simon spoke about the importance of community in strengthening social cohesion and trust, and in developing a sense of common purpose in tackling the huge challenges of climate change, energy security and fuel poverty.

“The Government is talking a lot about Big Society and localism and the importance of community empowerment. But when it comes to energy it seems to see community-driven initiatives as a nice-to-have extra rather than a fundamental, necessary condition to develop and sustain the culture of consent for the social and economic changes required to meet these enormous challenges. In my talk I was trying to explain why this is the case and what this means for energy policy.”

Simon’s eight-minute talk from the event is now available to download here. Simon is a member of the Advisory Panel for the research programme which runs for three years.

To read more about the launch event, and to hear other presentations, visit: http://grassrootsinnovations.blogspot.com/

To find out more about the project, visit: www.grassrootsinnovations.org/Grassroots_Innovations/CISE/CISE_home.html

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