Heritage is no bar to energy efficiency in Bath

We can preserve city and go green, too, consultation shows

2 December 2010

The unique heritage of Bath must be protected whilst at the same time efforts should be made to mitigate climate change through improvements to the city's homes and public buildings.

This is the clear consensus that emerged from a consultation of members of Bath's green and heritage groups, professionals such as architects and developers, sixth-form students and members of the public.

The consultation was undertaken by the Bath Preservation Trust (BPT) and the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) and is the first phase of a longer-term initiative called ‘Low Carbon Bath’, a government-funded project aiming to provide policy guidance on the treatment of Bath’s traditional buildings in order to address climate change and energy conservation.

You can download a report of the consultation exercise here.

Participants in the consultation also identified the need for clearer policy and guidance on what changes are both possible and effective in traditional homes in Bath.

Will Anderson, Senior Researcher at CSE, said, "The consultation shows the pressing need for both clear information and consistent local policy. The traditional buildings of Bath have already been adapted successfully to many of the demands of modern life - electricity, central heating and so forth. This is another stage in their evolution as sustainable homes for the 21st Century."

As well as describing the results from the consultation in detail, the report of the consultation sets out an outline of the proposed guidance. The content of the guidance is being developed and will be subject to further consultation. Both the BTP and CSE hope that the local council will formally endorse the project outputs in due course.

Caroline Kay, Chief Executive of Bath Preservation Trust, said: "We are delighted by the recognition by all parties that protecting the heritage must continue while trying to go green, and we recognise the importance of being flexible within this framework to achieve good outcomes not only for the climate but also for the people of Bath, many of whom currently live in cold homes."

Photo by 'noviewsnocomments' | from flickr.com | reproduced under creative commons license

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