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New series of advice leaflets from CSE

2 December 2010

CSE has produced a range of advice leaflets telling people how they can cut their fuel bills and keep their homes warm.

They are aimed at helping the general public, and based on our extensive experience in providing domestic energy advice in non-technical language that people easily understand.

The leaflets are free to download and use and are available here.

There are 10 leaflets in the range – loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, solid-wall insulation, the new feed-in tariff, damp and condensation, using your storage heater, using Economy 7, reading your gas or electricity meter, understanding your gas bill, and understanding your electricity bill – and more are planned.

The leaflets also include a list of 15 simple, handy household tips to help cut household fuel bills and improving people’s quality of living.

“There’s a lot of information already out there which covers energy efficiency and other similar measures, but unfortunately not all of it is easy to find or easy to understand,” explained CSE’s Head of Advice, Education and Community Initiatives, Sarah Jeffrey. “Our leaflets are simple and don’t use excessively technical language. We hope this new range will make a real difference to people’s lives.”

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