Energy efficiency grants for communities

CSE teams up with Western Power Distribution

4 November 2010

CSE has teamed up with Western Power Distribution (WPD), the electricity distribution network operator for South West England and South and West Wales, on two new projects: helping communities reduce their energy use and improving knowledge of microgeneration like solar PV.

The first of the two projects is a new grant scheme for communities in the South West and South Wales which aims to fund groups to carry out energy audits in village halls and community buildings – and follow this up with simple but effective energy efficiency improvements.

The ‘Western Power Distribution Community Chest’ provides groups with the resources and guidance to allow them to carry out an audit of their community building – and from which they will be able to identify various energy saving improvements that will help reduce their building’s CO2 emissions.

Improvements could include anything from low energy lighting to more intuitive heating controls, through to draught-proofing or insulation – which can have significant impacts on reducing energy use and fuel bills.

Read the project profile and find out how to apply for funding here:

“We hope this scheme will help local community groups take simple but effective energy efficiency measures which not only reduce their energy costs but also reduce the carbon emissions of the buildings they use,” said Tracy Carr, who is managing the project for WPD.

CSE is also working with WPD on an initiative to support WPD to provide high quality advice and information on connecting micro-renewables to the local electricity distribution network. Staff at WPD’s customer helpline are receiving increasing numbers of calls from people across the South West of England and South Wales wanting advice on this issue.

The project will help ensure WPD staff have the right knowledge and information at their fingertips to advise and guide households, community groups and local businesses on these small-scale renewable technologies and the issues to consider when connecting them to the local electricity network.

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