Smarter driving saves money and cuts stress

Highways Agency staff learn how to drive better

4 November 2010

More than 200 employees from the Highways Agency in Bristol joined a growing number of drivers who have been honing their driving technique and reducing their fuel bills recently, after they received a travel energy check (TEC).

Run by advisors from the Energy Saving Trust advice centre, the events are intended to encourage those who drive regularly or less often to think more about their travel habits. They can help drivers reduce their annual fuel bills, cut carbon emissions, reduce wear and tear to their vehicles and also enjoy safer, less stressful journeys.

“People often think they know all there is to know about driving,” explained CSE’s Paul Winney, who leads the travel advice, “but they’re often left surprised when they have a chance to try out our smarter driving simulator! It gives people a chance to demonstrate their skills and find out that there are often lots of steps they can take to improve their driving.”

Aside from more straightforward advice, such as only using cars for longer journeys, the energy checks also provide advice on driving more smoothly, planning ahead, checking tyre pressure and when to switch off the engine.

The Highways Agency event, which took place at Temple Quay in Bristol, was just one that the advisors have run recently – later this month (Friday 19 November) they will be visiting councillors and council staff at Sedgemoor District Council in Bridgwater, Somerset.

If you’d like to find out about hosting a TEC at your business or organisation, contact your local Energy Saving Trust advice centre on 0800 512 012.

Alternatively, complete an online TEC at

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