Solid-walled property is given insulation makeover

Hope for homeowner through ’Freedom from Fuel Poverty’

1 June 2010

“I would recommend it 100%, I can’t fault it,” was Bernard Griffey’s response when asked about the new solid-wall insulation installed at his property near Bath. The work, completed as part of the Freedom from Fuel Poverty scheme – funded by Bath & North East Somerset Council and managed by CSE – will help to reduce the amount of heat lost from Mr Griffey’s home and help to reduce his fuel bills.

Freedom from Fuel Poverty, which began in late 2009, aims to help those people from the Bath and North East Somerset area who are living in hard-to-treat homes and classed as living in severe fuel poverty.

The scheme offers either free solid wall insulation, solar hot water systems or solar pv to homeowners or privately-renting tenants, and Mr Griffey’s was the first work carried out as part of the new scheme. He, and others in his position, could save up to £400 a year on fuel bills and as much as £8,500 on the cost of internal solid wall insulation.

For many years, local and national energy projects – including those run by CSE – have focused on delivering loft and cavity wall insulation to households, with hundreds of thousands helped in this way. However, there are many thousands more older properties which require measures other than loft and cavity wall insulation.

Around 1 in 4 homes across the UK has solid walls, with a higher proportion than average in Bath and the surrounding area.

In May, Mr Griffey’s home in Claverton Down on the outskirts of Bath, became the first such property treated with solid wall insulation as part of the scheme. Mr Griffey admitted he was “looking forward to the benefits the improvements will bring next winter!”

But the work will also make a difference in the summer, too, helping to stop his home from getting too hot: “Last weekend, when the weather was hot, the interior was much cooler,” he said. “My neighbour, who came round, also noticed. In previous years, it’s been so hot that candles have melted in the house; this is a massive improvement in comfort level.”

Funding on this scheme is currently fully allocated with 15 homes at different stages in the process. If you live in the area and would like to find out more about the scheme, call the local Energy Saving Trust advice centre (0800 512 012) and ask about Freedom from Fuel Poverty.

You can also find out more about the Freedom from Fuel Poverty scheme, by visiting the project page.

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