Energy-champion training for Cleveland fire brigade

CSE trains fire-fighters to put out lights as well as fires

1 June 2010

Trainers from CSE were working with newly recruited Energy and Environment Champions from Cleveland Fire Brigade last month in an effort to cut energy use in the service.

Anna Watts, CSE’s lead trainer, took the session with the new recruits who all represented different work areas from within the brigade, from frontline fire-fighters to office-based staff.

CSE Energy Champion training helps people and organisations better understand and monitor their energy usage, enabling them to become more energy efficient and save money on fuel bills. The session brought the team together to learn more about the initiative and to generate valuable and practical ideas to implement.

Each person received a checklist helping them to conduct mini energy audits of their work areas and helping to identify key approaches they can take to making savings. And the group identified some excellent practical ideas for energy saving in their workplaces.

Following the event, Anna said: “The group were very enthusiastic and the session received positive feedback afterwards. The new Champions were all happy to contribute ideas and highlight some important issues.”

If you would like to find out more about CSE’s Energy Champion training, please contact Anna Watts on: 0117 9341429 or email:

To find our how Energy Champions help public sector organisations in Bath and North East Somerset cut 10% from their fuel bills over 3 years, click here.

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