Hotel management group expands energy champion network

Energy Champions show the way forward

4 May 2010

After taking on a further chain of hotels earlier this year, one of the first actions for Chardon Hotel Management was to make sure all their new premises had staff trained as Energy Champions to drive down energy costs and carbon emissions.

So the company turned again to the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) to build on the success of the network of staff volunteers in their existing portfolio of hotels, established and trained last year.

The latest training saw more than a dozen staff volunteers with a range of different roles -  including front of house, catering, building management and maintenance - learn about energy emissions and other relevant areas. The group, led by CSE trainer Anna Watts, gathered at one of the hotels managed by Chardon – the Doubletree Hilton in Milton Keynes - and learnt a variety of things, including how to:

  • give ‘energy awareness’ presentations to colleagues
  • conduct energy audits
  • confirm with staff what actions they can personally take to reduce energy use
  • work with hotel maintenance managers
  • share ideas and provide feedback

The newly trained Energy Champions will now join a network of volunteers across Chardon’s hotels who are already monitoring energy usage and driving initiatives to cut waste, increase recycling, and reduce energy consumption. The network members also take part in conference calls every two months to share ideas and expertise.

The initiative is fully supported right from the top of Chardon, with company director, James Ford, heading up the group’s Energy Working Party and attending both training courses.

The approach is clearly working, with one hotel in the chain already recycling 90% of its waste and now looking for solutions to use the remaining 10%.

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