Matrix sequel wins wider audience

CSE’s updated local authority performance assessment tool to be used more widely

31 March 2010

Local authorities across the South West are being introduced to an updated, improved version of CSE’s Local Carbon Management Matrix. As a powerful performance assessment tool, the Matrix now forms part of the Energy Saving Trust’s work in the region to support action on local carbon emissions reduction.

The Matrix is designed to help local authorities across England understand their influence on the carbon emissions attributable to activities in their area. It enables them to assess themselves on their performance across a range of activities – e.g. domestic, business and public sector energy efficiency, transport, etc., to see whether they rank as weak, fair, good or excellent.

This candid self-enquiry is geared to enabling them to improve their impact and influence and prepares them for the increased focus by Government on their performance on tackling climate change. To find out more and download the new Matrix, click here

The Matrix was originally developed by CSE with partners for Defra in 2006 and widely used since. With support from the South West Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership, it has just been updated and improved to make it easier to use and to reflect recent policy developments. (To find out more about the original project for Defra, click here)

Furthermore, a special version has been developed that will collate the results from several districts – for example a county council co-ordinating action to cut carbon emissions across a number of district and unitary councils as part of a multi-area agreement.

Simon Roberts, who devised the Matrix and oversaw its revision said: “Councils who used the original Matrix found it a simple yet powerful way to focus their efforts on improving their performance to curb carbon emissions locally. The updated version will serve them even better, and we’re delighted that the Energy Saving Trust has adopted it for use in their work with local authorities across the region.”

The updated Matrix has also been used recently by the London Borough of Islington as part of a project to review their carbon emission reduction targets (For more information about this project, see here)

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