Teignbridge looks to CSE to identify sustainable energy potential

Devon district seeks evidence to underpin planning policies

31 March 2010

Teignbridge District Council in South Devon has appointed CSE to investigate the potential for renewable energy and sustainable construction in its area.

CSE will be providing evidence on which the council can base the energy related policies that go into its Local Development Framework. This is a planning policy document all local authorities are legally required to produce to meet national planning requirements – specifically the PPS1 supplement on Planning and Climate Change.

Martin Holley, from CSE, is heading the team of six. “Our aim is to provide Teignbridge with the information it needs to contribute fully to the UK’s carbon reduction targets. We’ll assess the district’s renewable energy strengths and weaknesses – its wind resource, biomass and solar potential – and match this against current and future energy demand. We’ll also look at how the council’s own planning policies can encourage or enforce low-carbon developments.”

CSE has undertaken similar studies for Bristol, Plymouth and five West Sussex councils.

Like these, the Teignbridge study will benefit from a depth of geographical analysis and mapping capability that goes beyond that of the standard desk-based study. In particular, we will use our expertise in heatmapping (see London Heatmap) to identify potential sites for district- or community-heating networks in Teignbridge.

Land Use Consultants will contribute specialist input to the Teignbridge study which will be delivered to the council in August 2010.

* Image copyright Derek Harper, Creative Commons

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