Islington teams up with CSE to map out low carbon future

CSE and local authority review cutting carbon emissions over the next decade and beyond

29 January 2010

As part of its continuing efforts to reduce carbon emissions in its area, the London Borough of Islington has again joined forces with the Centre for Sustainable Energy to map out a practical path to achieve major carbon emission reductions.

The new project will involve reviewing current targets, strategies and actions and setting out clear plans to achieve cuts by 2020 and up to 2050.

The project will see CSE develop a carbon emission model for the area, review local opportunities to cut emissions, and set up a monitoring tool to allow the council to track actions in the Borough and anticipate impacts on future carbon emissions.

Also, significantly, CSE will aid a review of council policies to help identify further opportunities and priorities for the council to influence change by others; from householders and communities to businesses and other public sector organisations.

The work builds on two previous projects that CSE has carried out for Islington. The first of these was carried out in 2006, when CSE helped the council to construct a carbon baseline for its own emissions, as well as those of key partners in the area, such as the police, the fire service, City University, Whittington Hospital and various local businesses.

The second project involved helping the council to establish the Islington Climate Change Partnership, which now includes a wide range of locally based businesses and organisations with a shared objective of reducing their carbon emissions alongside the council’s own efforts (to find out more about both of these projects, click here).

CSE is carrying out this latest project in partnership with Dr Joanne Wade, an independent consultant with extensive knowledge and experience of local authority carbon reduction activity.

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