Carbon challenge aims to engage Redcliffe neighbourhood

New initiative aims to support a community-led approach to tackling climate change

5 January 2010

Can engaging a wide range of different groups in a small but diverse inner-city neighbourhood lead to wholesale change, including an improved understanding of climate change and actions to curb carbon emissions?

That’s the question CSE is asking as part of a new project, the Redcliffe Carbon Challenge, which is working with the local secondary school, businesses, community groups and residents of the neighbourhood to help them reduce their CO2 emissions. (To find out more, visit the Redcliffe Carbon Challenge project)

Bridget Newbery, who is running the project for CSE, said: “Redcliffe is a neighbourhood close to CSE’s offices in Bristol so it’s just the right place for us to be working. It has an amazingly wide mix of interests, with a significant level of social housing, including high rise blocks, cheek-by-jowl with expensive high-end architect-designed homes and offices and Georgian town houses. The faith-based secondary school draws in children from all over Bristol through its association with the local church, St Mary Redcliffe, once described by Elizabeth 1 as ‘the fairest, the goodliest and most famous Parish church in England'!”

Activities will include: energy champion training, energy advice surgeries, promoting schemes to improve home energy efficiency, as well as providing support for renewable energy grant applications.

The local project has been set up as part of the NESTA Big Green Challenge, a national initiative designed to stimulate and support community-led responses to climate change.

Approximately 1,500 people reside in the Redcliffe area of central Bristol, and more than 50 people and three local businesses and organisations have already signed up to take part in the campaign, including the Open University. More will be encouraged to sign up over the course of the project, which runs until autumn 2010.

For more information about the challenge, please contact Bridget Newbery on 0117 934 1413 or

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