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Energy support vouchers going unclaimed by PPM customers

A householder puts a card into a pre-payment electricity meter
31 October 2022

We’ve heard today that many people on prepayment meters have not redeemed vouchers to help with energy bills.

From the beginning of October, households on prepayment meters (PPM) should have received the first £400 instalment of the government’s Energy Bill Support Scheme through vouchers in the post. The vouchers are only valid for 90 days so people must use them or risk losing them. Those on a smart prepayment meter will have auto-credit so don’t need to do anything.

“People may have missed the vouchers coming through the post,” said CSE’s Ian Preston. “If you’re in debt, you often don’t open the post because a letter from an energy supplier is rarely good news. And for people on PPMs in rented accommodation, it’s not uncommon to move in and just get a card to top-up. Some people never change the name on the account, so they won’t have seen the vouchers either.”

CSE is advising people on prepayment meters to check the post and if they haven’t heard from their supplier to contact them now.

Even despite the warmer weather, our advice line is experiencing a huge demand from people unable to afford their energy bills. It’s vital everyone gets every little bit of support they’re entitled to.

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