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Lendology donates 10% of profits to CSE

Today, on Fuel Poverty Awareness Day, we’re proud to share a common goal with Lendology: putting an end to cold homes.

Lendology, a social enterprise lender offering home improvement loans for homeowners, funded by local councils, has generously donated 10% of its profits to support CSE’s ongoing mission to tackle the climate crisis and end the suffering caused by cold homes.

Recently, the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) launched the Share the Warmth appeal, a fundraising campaign allowing our energy advice service to provide more life-changing support to people this winter. Our CSE advisors offer comprehensive, friendly support to people struggling with lack of heating and sky-high energy bills.

Tackling the suffering caused by cold homes

Millions of people in the UK live in fuel poverty, where they must spend a disproportionate amount of their income on heating their homes.

 Emma Lower, CEO at Lendology said;

Having worked across the West of England for over 40 years, the Centre for Sustainable Energy’s reach and impact has grown year-on-year, and I am delighted to have worked alongside them in the South West to support our local communities to live in homes which are warm and efficient to heat. 

 With the compounded impact of the cost of living and energy crises, this winter is going to be much tougher for many more people, and the third sector must work together to ensure the right help is delivered at the right time.

CSE’s ongoing work on fuel poverty

As well as offering advice to people in crisis, CSE’s work tackles the root causes of cold homes, including raising awareness of energy efficiency and helping people to make home improvements. Emma goes on to say that, 

[CSE’s] latest initiative, Retrofit West CIC, will see more home energy efficiency advice. The team at Lendology are keen to support the development of the local supply chain and uptake of items such as solar panels and batteries for a cleaner South West.

Emma Lower, CEO at Lendology

How you can support CSE

You can help us continue our work to end the suffering caused by cold homes. A donation to our energy advice service enables us to help even more people this winter. You can help us keep people safe and warm this winter, like Andy and Linda.

Your donation makes a difference

We can take donations from individuals through Charities Aid Foundation.
We can take donations from organisations though Stripe.

About Lendology

Lendology provides affordable loans to homeowners and distributes funding on behalf of local council partners, so people can live in a home where they can feel safe, warm and secure. Loans can be used to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, from small measures like draughtproofing to full home retrofit. An energy efficient home keeps people warm as heat loss is reduced and saves them money as less is being spent on wasted energy. This helps to achieve a better quality of life at home.

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