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Energy Matters in action in Merton schools

Three children playing outside on a giant snakes and ladders board. An adult looks on.

CSE’s cross-curriculum materials show staff and pupils how they can save energy, protect our climate and make a positive impact in school, at home, and in their community.

Teaching about climate change is difficult. A Global Action Plan teacher survey found half of UK teachers felt ill-equipped to deal with student anxiety about climate change. It’s hard for schoolteachers to inform their pupils about the consequences of climate change while including positive messages of hope.

Through lessons focused on developing understanding and exploring solutions, teachers can play a crucial role in preparing young generations to address climate change and fuel poverty.

The increased cost-of-living and soaring energy prices have demonstrated that climate change and our energy use can and must be tackled together. Teachers need our support to include energy, climate change and hope in their curriculum.

I just wanted to email to say a HUGE thank you for your on-going support in enabling our pupils to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills around sustainability and climate change. Your input is invaluable and I’m excited to work with school council to share their work on our schools climate pledge.

Louise Tidey, Lead Practitioner, Perseid School

How can overworked teachers feel confident teaching energy and climate change?

CSE’s Energy Matters cross-curriculum materials show staff and pupils how they can save energy, protect our climate and make a positive impact in school, at home, and in their community.

We’ve worked with primary schools in the London borough of Merton to create adaptable lesson resources, interactive workshops and bespoke fuel poverty support. So far, over 50 school staff have used Energy Matters successfully, engaging over 1,000 pupils from Early Years to Key Stage II.

Here’s what a Year 5 teacher at Lonesome Primary School in Merton said about using Energy Matters:

Sometimes teachers get into learning cycles (or ruts!) as curriculums tend to be static. Doing something like this can force you out of that.

The materials were very easy to use and provided direction and structure. Parents have been surprised by their kids telling them off and encouraging better energy behaviours!

Energy Matters teacher resources – our offer

The Energy Matters materials in-depth

Our easy-to-use resources help teachers make the tricky topic of climate change fun and engaging. Energy Matters links to Geography, Science and PSHE (personal, social, health and economic education), with plenty of games and quizzes.

We introduce discussions about how humans adapt to our changing climate, types of renewable energy, how climate change impacts communities differently, and showcase positive examples of other schools making a difference.

Additionally, CSE’s offer includes in-person workshops for both teachers and pupils, on topics like climate change anxiety or school energy use. Our holistic coverage of real-world issues, plus face-to-face engagement, means teachers can feel closely supported by CSE staff at all levels. Teachers and pupils can feel confident about climate action they can take in their school and community.

A class of children sit with their backs to us looking at a presentation
You’re never too small to make a difference. CSE’s Kate Elliott-Rudder talks to young eco-warriors about what they can do in their school, their homes and their communities to save energy and create a better world.

Teaching energy and tackling fuel poverty

Alongside our materials, Energy Matters schools are also given the skills to support families of their students experiencing fuel poverty. Teachers get trained to spot pupils who may be living in fuel poverty and told how to signpost families to local energy advice services. By tackling fuel poverty alongside climate change, schools positively influence their communities to cut energy use, reduce carbon emissions and save money.

Getting Energy Matters into your school

We need more teachers to feel supported and confident to incorporate climate change, energy and fuel poverty into their work.

Energy Matters enables teachers to do what they do best – shaping young people into positive changemakers for their communities.

Almaz is a Nursery teacher at Hillcross Primary School, who has been working with the Energy Matters materials since December 2022. Almaz said:

We are SO grateful for CSE’s support, it has helped us to plan out how we want to start implementing more sustainability teaching across the curriculum… It’s really making a difference to our school.

Get Energy Matters in your school

If you’d like to see Energy Matters in your local school, get in touch today. Speak to project manager, Tess Rushton

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