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CSE joins groups calling on the Chancellor to introduce new social tariff

close up of a gas meter
17 January 2023

In an open letter sent today to the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt MP, the Centre for Sustainable Energy has joined over 100 non-profit organisations across the UK to call for more targeted support in the form of a social tariff for the energy market to help older and disabled households heat their homes.

The letter, organised by Age UK, Scope, Fair by Design and National Energy Action (NEA) warns that many older, disabled people and their carers, and low income households, are facing an uncertain future as they grapple with unaffordable energy bills.

The groups are calling for targeted support to be made available to those who need it most – including those on means-tested benefits, disability benefits and Carer’s Allowance as well as those missing out on welfare support but still struggling with their bills.

The signatories to the letter are deeply concerned that further price rises and a withdrawal of universal energy support from April will leave many older and disabled people in an increasingly desperate situation, despite the weather being warmer. Demand for the Charities’ services is high and they are being inundated with calls from people in dire need, for example those relying on medical equipment like dialysis machines, who are facing a daily struggle to keep their equipment turned on and stay warm and well.

NEA estimates that the energy crisis has pushed over 6.7 million UK households into fuel poverty, up from 4.5 million in October 2021.

From April 2023, the Government’s Energy Bills Support Scheme comes to an end and the support provided by the Energy Price Guarantee will be reduced. Without continued financial support, it is predicted that the numbers of fuel poor households will jump to a staggering 8.4 million across the UK.

Get involved

Age UK and Scope are also calling on the public to lend their support to help protect older and disabled people from unaffordable energy bills.

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