Low Carbon Hub open their Community Energy Fund 2020

16 March 2020

This week, Low Carbon Hub opened their Community Energy Fund to a new round of investment.

They're aiming to raise £1.5 million of investment by 10 June 2020, which will be put towards two key funding needs:

  • Continuing to grow their portfolio of renewable energy generation projects across Oxfordshire, including roof-mounted solar PV arrays, and ground-mounted solar to suppot project LEO.
  • Replacing £200,000 of debt funding for Sandford Hydro. 

If you or your group are able to invest, please do! This is a great opportunity for people to put their money to work tackling climate change, investing in the zero-carbon energy system of the future.

Further details on the investment opportunity and how to invest can be found here. This includes the Share Offer document and all other supporting documentation.