Bath & West Community Energy on the look-out for ‘Solar Roof Spotters’

28 November 2019

The award-winning community energy group Bath & West Community Energy (BWCE) are recruiting ‘Solar Roof Spotters’ to support their Community Solar 2020 project.

The project aims to spark a fresh wave of solar implementation across Bath and North East Somerset (as well as parts of Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire). As part of the initiative, businesses, schools and community buildings may all be eligible for free solar panel installations. Whilst BWCE will own and maintain the solar systems, users will benefit from cheaper, greener, solar power, and any surplus income will be donated to local community projects to reduce carbon emissions and address fuel poverty.

BWCE are now seeking some ‘Roof Spotters’: eagle-eyed individuals who will be able to spot appropriate roofs on commercial and community buildings. The ideal roof would be southerly-facing, in good condition, and approximately 300 square metres (about the size of a tennis court), but shallow-pitched roofs facing due East or West would also be considered.

To sign up as a ‘Spotter’, or find out more about the Community Solar 2020 project, click here!