Biggest Rollout of Rooftop Solar in Welsh History

31 July 2019

Egni Co-op, A community renewable energy charity in South Wales, has secured the Feed in Tariff (FiT) subsidy for rooftop solar panels on 250 sites in Wales, which will have an installed capacity of over 5,000kW. Sites include businesses, community centres and universities; golf, football and rugby clubs; a brewery, leisure centres and schools.

Rosie Gillam, Egni’s Director, announced “With climate change top of the agenda, we are delighted to announce that Egni Co-op’s community Share Offer is now open. We’re inviting members of the public to invest in rooftop solar power across Wales through our coop. This is an opportunity for Wales to take the lead and for as many people as possible to get involved in this cooperative effort."

The solar rollout will deliver:

  • Projected 4% return
  • 5,000kW of new solar on roofs
  • Carbon savings of 35,000 tonnes over the project lifetime
  • Educational Fund of £2.9m for work in schools and universities on climate change projects
  • Electricity savings of £8m for the sites over the next 30 years.

Egni Co-op are seeking £750,000 to finance a rolling programme of solar installations from now until March 31st 2020. They have already secured £380,000 of this total from existing co-op members who have given their strong backing. And they will pay interest from when funds are received. Find out more:

Find out more here.