British Airways Carbon Fund has funded 38 completed community energy projects since 2011!

27 June 2019

In 2011, British Airways and Pure Leapfrog came together to create the carbon offsetting programme to help community energy projects in the UK and Africa. 

The Carbon Fund is a voluntary scheme for British Airways’ customers who wish to travel responsibly and mitigate the impact of their journey. Customers can chose to donate to support low carbon, energy efficiency or renewable energy projects in the UK and Africa when booking their flights.

Managing the donated funds on behalf of British Airways, Pure Leapfrog works with BA to identify suitable community-based projects that not only reduce carbon emissions but also provide strong social impacts to communities.

Over the past 7 years, the Carbon Fund has led to 38 community projects being completed (5 currently being delivered and 10 more to come). Projects include installing solar panels on school roofs, a biomass boiler in a leisure centre and LED lights on community buildings. The projects have generated more than £3,000,000 in community benefit funding and have impacted the lives of 450,000 across the UK and Africa.

Read more about the programme and project case studies here: