CEE urges suppliers to support community energy after FiT closure

10 May 2019

In the aftermath of the feed-in tariff closure, Community Energy England (CEE) has called for ‘suitable’ tariffs to be offered to community energy by suppliers.

Co-op Energy has been named by CEE as an example for other energy suppliers to follow. Chief Executive, Emma Bridge, said she welcomed Co-op Energy’s announcement that they will offer a route to market for community energy schemes and provide a market reflective rate for energy purchased.

“They are leading the way and demonstrating that responsible businesses don’t need to wait for government to act; instead they are providing measures to allow community energy schemes to access a route to market now, with the knowledge that they will receive a fair price for their energy.

“We often hear warm words from the big suppliers, this is a chance to see them take practical action,” she continued.

Previously, CEE has expressed concerns over the policy gap left between FiT and Smart Export Guarantee (which is still under construction) and how this could impact community solar.

Chief executive of Co-op Energy, David Bird said: “Energy suppliers have a powerful role to play in helping the public understand that our energy landscape is changing.

“Promoting renewable energy, and being clear about how and where it is produced and who benefits, can encourage customers to change their energy consumption habits as we move to a digital and decentralised power system.

“Community energy groups can help us do this as they are the local, trusted and visible groups that are showing how clean, green energy can benefit neighbourhoods up and down the country.”