‘Flexibility Commitment’ could make grid connection easier for community energy projects

11 January 2019

Distribution Network Operators (the companies who run the 'pipes and wires' of the UK's gas and electricity networks) have agreed to a landmark ‘Flexibility Commitment’ which requires them to be more 'open minded' when seeking solutions to grid issues, such as congestion and capacity as a result of increased electricity demand or the addition of renewable electricity generation to the grid.

The move has been coordinated by the Energy Networks Association (ENA) and will benefit community groups who have sometimes struggled in the past to get renewables projects off the ground due to difficulties with grid connection.

DNOs will now compare the cost of smart technologies, such as renewable generation and demand-side response, against traditional energy infrastructure, such as increasing wires to create more physical capacity. The move will open doors for emerging energy technologies to compete with traditional transformers and substations and opens up new opportunities for community based responses to grid management.

David Smith, chief executive at the ENA, said: “Our commitment will enable new energy markets across the country, creating new opportunities for people to further benefit from the latest smart technologies being used in their homes and businesses. That’s good for the public, good for the system and good for our decarbonisation goals.”

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