Low Carbon Hub wins European Solar Prize

29 November 2018

Congratulations to Low Carbon Hub, the UK winner in the “owners and operators of renewable energy installations” category of this year's EUROSOLAR awards - the European Solar Prize to key pioneers and innovators in the field of renewable energy.

These annual awards bring together a variety of energy transition players from all parts of the world. In the past awards have been given to actors in a variety of sectors including education, architecture and industry, plus private individuals who have demonstrated a contribution and commitment to developing a low-carbon decentralised energy system.

At the ceremony in Bonn, Germany, on 17 November Low Carbon Hub was described as a “Pioneering model of a citizen-driven, social enterprise that enables a community-owned renewable energy supply in Oxfordshire.”

You can read about the other seven winners here.

The picture below shows one of the many solar roofs that Low Carbon Hub have helped install on schools in Oxfordshire.