New small community energy funds

6 November 2018

A few small community energy funds have popped up recently - they might be just the funding boost your group needs if you live in the right area.

This is a grant programme for voluntary and community groups to apply for funding for energy efficiency improvements to community buildings, training and events, provision of one-to-one support to help vulnerable households. The maximum groups can apply for is £2,000 for a project lasting no more than one year.

This is a community benefit fund administered by Lincolnshire Community Foundation and formed from the income generated by the wind farm site at Tydd St Mary. It will run for 25 years, awarding £28,000 per year to projects that contribute to community cohesion, energy efficiency or benefit young or old people. Grants of up to £5,000 are available to not-for-profit community groups.

This Trust aims to make a lasting difference to the people of Kent by making grants that will reduce the impact of poverty and social exclusion. There are two grant programmes that could be useful for community energy groups to check out:

  • Investing in Communities - This programme will offer small grants to community organisations and local charities in Kent to strengthen their resilience and build their capacity to deliver sustainable, face-to-face services to people at the margins of society.
  • Investing Locally – This programme will seek to make a significant difference to one or more very localised areas of Kent; areas which are recognised as being amongst the most deprived in the county. It will be launched in 2019.