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Greater Manchester Green Summit, 21 March 2019

31 January 2019

A panel of expert environmental minds and members of the public will come together to share ideas and views on how to make Greater Manchester one of the leading green cities in the UK at a summit in March.Topics under discussion will include changing the way we use and generate energy... Read more

Funding opportunities ...

28 January 2019

A couple of funding opportunities have come to our attention.The first is from the Trusthouse Charitable Foundation who are offering grant funding for projects improving community centres and village halls in deprived urban and rural areas. They are interested in projects bringing back disused buildings into full community use, in... Read more

Research reveals public’s mistrust of energy companies

18 January 2019

A study carried out by the UK Energy Research Council in partnership with Cardiff University revealed a substantial distrust of government and energy companies by the public but also a “groundswell of support for energy system change.” The study found that most people surveyed would be willing to pay more... Read more

PowerPaired: Matchmaking for community energy

18 January 2019

Forum for the Future has just finished developing a community energy matchmaking service – PowerPaired. The innovative digital platform aims to spur on the energy revolution by bridging the gap between local energy groups and asset owners interested in hosting renewables.  They aim to create a nationwide energy matchmaking service that... Read more

New fund offers up to £20k for fuel poverty and energy efficiency initiatives

17 January 2019

Not-for-profit organisations and community groups can apply for sums of between £2,000 and £20,000 for initiatives that combat fuel poverty, improve the energy efficiency of community spaces or support people in vulnerable circumstances.This is thanks to Power Partners, a £300,000 per year community investment fund from UK Power Networks, the... Read more

"The future is local" says energy minister, Claire Perry

15 January 2019

There've been a couple of interesting pronoucements in the past few days from energy minister, Claire PerryIn an opinion piece in Energy Live, ‘From power stations to solar panels, the future is local’ (8 January 2019), she confirmed the government's support for communities who want to generate energy locally. "The UK’s... Read more

‘Flexibility Commitment’ could make grid connection easier for community energy projects

11 January 2019

Distribution Network Operators (the companies who run the 'pipes and wires' of the UK's gas and electricity networks) have agreed to a landmark ‘Flexibility Commitment’ which requires them to be more 'open minded' when seeking solutions to grid issues, such as congestion and capacity as a result of increased electricity demand... Read more

Planning Awards 2019

10 January 2019

Has your team, plan or project made an exceptional contribution to natural environment planning this year? Has it improved or protected the natural environment? If so, then consider entering the Planning Awards 2019 - though there's a hefty entry fee of £245 + VAT which may put it out of... Read more

Brighton community energy coop seeks investors ...

10 January 2019

Brighton and Hove Energy Co-op have just launched new campaign to install as much solar power before government cuts take effect.Kayla Ente from BHESCo said "We have until 1 April 2019 to install as much solar power as possible before the UK Government cuts solar subsidies forever. We have 8 community solar... Read more

Grants of up to £25,000 for rural communities

9 January 2019

Rural Four is The Prince’s Countryside Fund's dedicated programme of support for community projects in England, Scotland and Wales. It seeks to strengthen community assets, improve the health and well-being of socially isolated people and create a lasting legacy of support and community spirit in the areas supported.Now in its third year Rural... Read more

Low Carbon Hub wins European Solar Prize

29 November 2018

Congratulations to Low Carbon Hub, the UK winner in the “owners and operators of renewable energy installations” category of this year's EUROSOLAR awards - the European Solar Prize to key pioneers and innovators in the field of renewable energy.These annual awards bring together a variety of energy transition players from all parts... Read more

Small grants available in Exeter and East Devon ...

28 November 2018

Community groups in Exeter and East Devon have a new grant pot to which they can apply for smallish sums for local initiatives to save energy and reduce fuel poverty.It comes form Exeter Community Energy and totals £4,100. The types of projects that were awarded grants from this fund in the past include... Read more

Small Wind Co-op opens bond offer to buy 225 kW turbine in Co Durham

27 November 2018

Earlier this month the Small Wind Co-op launched a £450,000 bond offer to purchase a 225 kW operational turbine in County Durham. The bond offers a 4.5% return on investment.So far, £290,000 of the £450,000 has been raised. The co-op's website says: "Buying an operational turbine is an important part of SWCs plans to... Read more

New £75,000 community energy fund from Electricity North West

24 November 2018

The district network operator for north-west England, Electricity North West, has launched a £75,000 community energy fund to tackle energy-related issues at a local level.The 'Powering our Communities Fund' will award grants of up to £15,000 for projects which engage local communities in issues such as energy efficiency, the support of... Read more

New small community energy funds

6 November 2018

A few small community energy funds have popped up recently - they might be just the funding boost your group needs if you live in the right area.Community Energy Warwickshire Fund (Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull)This is a grant programme for voluntary and community groups to apply for funding for energy... Read more

Super-charging community energy with a £1m fund

23 October 2018

A £1m fund and expert support programme has been created to pioneer innovative community-led projects and business models. The Next Generation programme will offer up to ten grants of around £100,000 to community businesses to develop new decentralised, decarbonised, and democratised energy business models.The initiative is funded by Power to... Read more