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Fund to help communities shift towards zero carbon approved

10 May 2019

South Cambridgeshire council has approved plans for a new grant fund to be established to help community groups in the district shift towards a zero-carbon future.The new Zero Carbon Communities grant scheme will provide grants of between £1,000 and £15,000 for local groups to spend on ambitious projects that reduce carbon... Read more

16 not-for-profit organisations share £250,000 funding pot

23 April 2019

Sixteen not-for-profit organisations and community groups have been awarded a total of £250,000 for initiatives that combat fuel poverty, improve the energy efficiency of community spaces or support people in vulnerable circumstances.The payments have been distributed by CSE through Power Partners, a community investment fund from UK Power Networks, the company... Read more

Local energy in a post-FIT world

15 April 2019

With the removal of the Feed-in-Tariff at the start of this month, how will small-scale and community-scale renewable projects survive in a world without this subsidy that has previously guaranteed payments to around 900,000 generators?An article in Environment Journal by Will Vooght (@willyvanvooght) looks into the potential for a Smart Export... Read more

Solar project completed in Hastings

12 April 2019

Solar panels have been installed on a roof of the Ore campus of East Sussex College in Hastings. The project will generate 237,500 kWh of energy a year, enough to power 72% of the college’s electricity demand.The impressive array was funded by community shares from local residents and is set to... Read more

‘Smart energy’ grid project launched on Orkney

9 April 2019

A UK government funded project has been launched on  Orkney to create a “smart energy” scheme using domestic batteries and electric vehicles to meet supply with demand and balance out the local network.Orkney has been chosen as a “test bed for the energy system of the future” due to the... Read more

Getting smart with the OpenLV data

20 March 2019

One of the community energy groups currently participating in OpenLV are seeking to develop a smartphone app that will allow people connected to certain substations around Topsham, Devon to view local electricity consumption in real time - along with the amount of power being generated locally by renewables and the cost of electricity... Read more

Five community groups enter New Generation ’research and development phase’

18 March 2019

Five community groups have been shortlisted to go forward to the preliminary research and development phase of Next Generation, our multi-partner project designed to create a step change in the development of genuinely sustainable, financially viable and innovative community businesses.For details, see the story on our main website.  Read more

Free 1-day conference - ’Planning for clean energy and a low carbon economy’

15 February 2019

CSE and Lancashire Enterprise Partnership are hosting a free 1-day conference in Preston on 15 March that will bring together business, local government and community groups to explore ways to accelerate the clean energy and low carbon economy transition in Lancashire and beyond.The conference runs over two sessions with the morning being... Read more

New community energy co-op for Kensington and Chelsea

1 February 2019

A warm welcome from CSE's local energy team to North Kensington Community Energy, the first community-owned energy enterprise in Kensington and Chelsea in southwest London!The group's first initiative – subject to a successful share offer – will be installing solar panels on two primary schools and the Dalgarno Trust, a... Read more

Greater Manchester Green Summit, 21 March 2019

31 January 2019

A panel of expert environmental minds and members of the public will come together to share ideas and views on how to make Greater Manchester one of the leading green cities in the UK at a summit in March.Topics under discussion will include changing the way we use and generate energy... Read more

Funding opportunities ...

28 January 2019

A couple of funding opportunities have come to our attention.The first is from the Trusthouse Charitable Foundation who are offering grant funding for projects improving community centres and village halls in deprived urban and rural areas. They are interested in projects bringing back disused buildings into full community use, in... Read more

Research reveals public’s mistrust of energy companies

18 January 2019

A study carried out by the UK Energy Research Council in partnership with Cardiff University revealed a substantial distrust of government and energy companies by the public but also a “groundswell of support for energy system change.” The study found that most people surveyed would be willing to pay more... Read more

PowerPaired: Matchmaking for community energy

18 January 2019

Forum for the Future has just finished developing a community energy matchmaking service – PowerPaired. The innovative digital platform aims to spur on the energy revolution by bridging the gap between local energy groups and asset owners interested in hosting renewables.  They aim to create a nationwide energy matchmaking service that... Read more

New fund offers up to £20k for fuel poverty and energy efficiency initiatives

17 January 2019

Not-for-profit organisations and community groups can apply for sums of between £2,000 and £20,000 for initiatives that combat fuel poverty, improve the energy efficiency of community spaces or support people in vulnerable circumstances.This is thanks to Power Partners, a £300,000 per year community investment fund from UK Power Networks, the... Read more

"The future is local" says energy minister, Claire Perry

15 January 2019

There've been a couple of interesting pronoucements in the past few days from energy minister, Claire PerryIn an opinion piece in Energy Live, ‘From power stations to solar panels, the future is local’ (8 January 2019), she confirmed the government's support for communities who want to generate energy locally. "The UK’s... Read more

‘Flexibility Commitment’ could make grid connection easier for community energy projects

11 January 2019

Distribution Network Operators (the companies who run the 'pipes and wires' of the UK's gas and electricity networks) have agreed to a landmark ‘Flexibility Commitment’ which requires them to be more 'open minded' when seeking solutions to grid issues, such as congestion and capacity as a result of increased electricity demand... Read more