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Is your home heat pump ready?

Your home has the potential for a heat pump…

You’ve received a letter or seen an advert about Bristol Heat Pump Ready an exciting collaboration between partners across the city. Together, we’re working to match the perfect heat pumps with the right homes.

Graphic shows a clipboard and showing a heat loss survey, a downward facing arrow with a pound sign demonstrating low cost finance and two people talking demonstrating advice and support

We’ll support you through every step of your heat pump journey. Join free workshops and information sessions, visit open homes and find out more about heat pumps and making your home more energy efficient.

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Why heat pumps?

Heat pumps are significantly more efficient than traditional boilers and use electricity, which is cleaner than gas. They provide comfortable, reliable heating and will reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Heat pumps could also help you save money on energy bills and they require less maintenance.

Did you know over a quarter of carbon emissions in Bristol come from using gas boilers to heat homes and hot water?

What is the Bristol Heat Pump Ready offer?

If you’re interested in switching your boiler to a low carbon alternative but not sure where to start, we can help through Bristol Heat Pump Ready,

There are lots of things to consider when thinking about getting a heat pump. We’ll help ensure you’ve got what you need to make an informed decision.

Through Bristol Heat Pump Ready, we’re offering:  

During each step of the journey a skilled home retrofit assessor from CSE will guide you through the process, taking time to understand your unique household situation and answer any questions about your home or the Bristol Heat Pump Ready scheme. As you progress, we will check in at key points to ensure you have all the necessary details to make a well-informed decision about your next steps.

Our experts will conduct a thorough home survey worth £1,000 to identify the best heat pump for your home and calculate its running costs. We’ll also identify energy efficient home improvements that could help reduce your bills. And the best part? We’re offering this survey at a heavily discounted cost, so you’ll save big while taking a significant step towards a more energy efficient home.

For just £100 you’ll have a home heating survey from Veritherm, a trusted local company. You’ll find out where your home loses and retains heat leading to receiving a heat pump that’s perfectly sized for your home. This prevents the problems of having a heat pump that’s too small and doesn’t heat properly, or one that’s too big and costs more than necessary. Unlike traditional calculations, this survey uses sensors in your home for better accuracy. It also suggests other energy-efficient improvements to lower your bills and is yours to keep whether you choose to install a heat pump or not. Find out more about why measuring home heat loss before deciding on a heat pump is so important. 


Once you have had a home heating survey, we’ll advise on additional works that may need to be carried out ahead of a heat pump installation and help you plan your next steps.

Gain access to a directory of vetted local heat pump installers supported by independent sustainable construction experts, The Green Register, ensuring you work with reputable professionals committed to delivering high-quality results.

Access discounts of up to 30% from leading heat pump manufacturers to reduce the cost of installation.

You may be eligible for a £5,000 contribution towards the installation of your heat pump. Subject to criteria, householders may also be able to access low interest loans from Lendology to help spread the cost of financing your new heat pump.

We’ll continue to support you even after the installation, ensuring your heat pump works well and heats your home efficiently.

Above all, this package has been designed to ensure you can make an informed decision about your home and needs at every stage. You’ll be able to explore all the benefits and impacts of a heat pump to fully understand if it’s right for your home. You can remove your interest at any stage up until you’ve signed an agreement with your chosen installer.

Frequently asked questions

We answer the most common questions about the Heat Pump Ready project and heat pumps. If you can’t find what you need, please let us know.

What do I need to do?

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After that, you’ll be contacted by an experienced retrofit assessor who will explain the next steps and options available to you.

The expression of interest form is not a legally binding agreement. The information you supply will enable us to tailor our support to your specific needs, ensuring you receive the best possible assistance on this exciting journey.

We’ll only share your information with the relevant partners on this project (listed at the bottom of the page) so that you can receive the support you need. See more in our How we use your information page.

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