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Winter Warmth Bundle

As winter approaches and cold weather returns our energy advisors have brought together different strands of help to which people might be entitled to make the cost of keeping warm easier. We're calling it the winter warmth bundle and it has its own website here.

If you're on a low-income and living in a cold and damp house, the approach of winter is often a time of rising bills and rising anxiety.

We'd like everyone to stay warm and healthy through the winter months and there is actually a lot of support out there. We can check people's eligibility for winter entitlements, depending on their personal circumstances and where they live.

These include all or some of the following benefits:

  • Up to £765 off your energy bills.
  • £140 Warm Home Discount. 
  • Winter fuel payments of £100-300.
  • Surviving Winter Grant of £200-300.
  • £25 Cold weather payment if the temperature drops below zero.
  • Free or subsidised cavity wall or loft insulation. 
  • Home or fire safety checks.
  • Free draught-proofing or LED lighting.
  • Financial help for new heating systems.
  • Extra help in a power cut or water outage. 
  • Free power-cut pack (warm hat, hand warmers, flask and more).

To claim your Winter Warmth Bundle, go to

Please consider passing on details of the Winter Warmth Bundle to people or organisations who may be interested.

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