For energy saving advice and support
in the Bristol and Somerset area:
0800 082 2234

Our support for Ovo and Boost customers

CSE is an independent national charity that offers free and impartial energy saving advice to householders. CSE provides this advice to customers of Ovo and Boost

CSE advise on what you can do to lower your bills and keep your home warm, including advice on:

  • No-cost and low-cost tips.
  • Appliances that use a lot of electricity.
  • Using heating controls efficiently.
  • Accessing grants for heating and insulation.
  • Types of renewable technology that are available.
  • Damp, condensation and mould.

Contact our advice team for more information and support. You can give us a ring, email or use our online form.

We're open 10am–4pm Monday to Friday.

If you're a customer of Ovo:
call: 0800 408 6601 or email: ​

If you're a customer of Boost:
call: 0800 038 5688 or email: ​

Covid-19: How we can help you during the crisis

Contact us if you live in South West England and would like advice on:

Topping up your prepayment meter  water & energy bills switching supplier benefits housing food banks & food delivery prescriptions befriending services debt ...

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