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Case studies

Energy saving improvements are a great way to keep your home warm and reduce the amount you spend on energy bills, but it's not always easy to know if the improvement you want to make is right for your home.

Here is a collection of case studies to read or watch for extra information about some of the most popular improvements.

Upgrading your boiler

  • Video (see below)
  • PDF (see sidebar)

External solid wall insulation

  • Video (see below)
  • PDF example 1 (see sidebar)
  • PDF example  2 (see sidebar)

Upgrading your gas boiler

The video below shows what it can be like living in a cold home and how funding to upgrade your central heating system can make a big difference.

External solid wall insulation

The video below shows what it like to get solid wall insulation applied to the outside of your house. Too disruptive or well worth it? A Bristol resident explains.

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External solid wall insulation case study 1

Pre 1900s, 2 bed, mid terrace

External solid wall insulation case study 2

1930s, 3 bed, mid terrace