Engaging communities

One of the most important aspects of the work we do is within communities, bringing people together and helping them to understand and engage with the important issues

Engaging communities

We believe that it is only with the support, cooperation and active participation of communities that we will see real changes in the way we use and source energy. Individuals take their cues from the actions of others around them and, through organised collective action, people can achieve far more than they can acting in isolation.

CSE therefore provides a range of services to engage people in their communities – from training volunteers and facilitating consultation to providing expert advice and project development.

Our aim is to help communities understand the issues – often by making links with existing concerns such as poverty, housing and health – and find appropriate local solutions.

We work with a wide range of groups, including common interest groups (where individuals have a common interest, need or concern, e.g. fuel poor, retired, carbon reduction, etc.) neighbourhood groups (e.g. tenants, rural communities, parish groups, renewal areas) volunteers (groups or individuals recruited by CSE) and the general public.

We bring skills and experience in:

  • delivering training tailored to the needs of community groups
  • advising community groups on how to develop and secure funding for their own projects
  • supporting small-scale renewable energy projects
  • presentations to local groups (within the Bristol and Somerset area)
  • free energy advice
  • advising renewable energy developers and energy utilities on community engagement.

You can download a document outlining our bespoke services for community groups here.