Welcome to the resources section of our website

We believe in sharing our knowledge and, where possible, make our reports and other publications publically available. We hope you'll find the information here useful


Our resources are divided into six types; select from the menu on the right or links below.

1) reports and publications: these are reports written by CSE for external clients, often as part of a project. Some are published by us, others by the client. Searchable by subject, e.g. 'fuel poverty' or 'carbon management'

2) toolkits: guidance documents

3) open data: data freely available to data researchers, policy-makers and others working in the field of sustainable energy

4) energy advice leaflets: our ever-expanding list of over 50 information sheets aimed at householders and covering all sorts of issues from central heating controls, solar hot water, solid wall insulation, understanding your gas bill, secondary glazing ... and more.

5) CSE project sites: websites built to accompany CSE projects

6) newsletter: back issues of Energise, our 'irregularly produced but eagerly awaited' 8-pager

7) PlanLoCaL videos: a collection of 47 short films we made which aims to support communities and groups who wish to set up community-scale renewable energy projects

If you're after resources to help communities take action on energy, then why not check out TheSource, CSE's favourite guides and tools for community energy.

You can download our annual review here.

And finally, a word on copyright. You are welcome to reproduce, photocopy, distribute, quote from and crib our material, but please don't forget to credit us, and a link to this website is even better.