Schools and young people

Empowering young people with knowledge about climate change, energy use and renewable energy can unleash their potential as energy activists in their own homes and schools.


Our education work enables young people to think about sustainable energy and what they can do, both in their future lives and right now as influential members of their home and school communities.

CSE has delivered a range of innovative education programmes over the last 30 years and actually worked with more than 1,000 schools across the UK.

Our Energy Matters programme, which reached some 18,000 school children, demonstrated that, with well-structured lessons and resources, children as young as 9 years old could become effective energy advisors to their families (view the summary of the evaluation here).

Our work involves:

  • developing and publishing curriculum-linked teaching resources (e.g. pupil activity sheets, teacher worksheets etc)
  • providing training for teachers in delivering sustainable energy education
  • direct delivery of workshops for children both in the classroom and outside school
  • supporting schools in achieving higher energy standards (e.g. through energy audits and monitoring programmes, often linked to national schemes like Eco-schools)

We have worked directly with nursery, primary and secondary schools and community and adult education (including through the Family Learning Network), most recently primarily across Somerset and the former Avon area. See example projects (right).

Past clients include:

St Katherine’s School, Pill, Somerset  |  St Mary Redcliff School, Bristol  |  Burnham-on-Sea infant school, Somerset