Annual accounts & review

Below are the Centre for Sustainable Energy's annual accounts for the past five years.

Annual accounts for the year 2012-13

Annual accounts for the year 2011-12

Annual accounts for the year 2010-11

Annual accounts for the year 2009-10

Annual accounts for the year 2008-09

CSE's auditors are Elliot Bunker Ltd, Redcllffe, Bristol BS1 6SP

We don’t produce an annual review every year, but the latest is available here:

Annual Review 2010
Boldly eschewing the standard A4 format, the 2010 review is printed on a poster-sized (500 x 657 mm) sheet that folds down to a handy 125 x 219 mm. Because it's all about the folding, reading it on-line is a slightly odd experience, and if you print it out on an A4 printer it will be very small indeed.

So, if you want a hard copy of the 2010 annual review, email with your name and address and we'll gladly put one (or more) in the post for you.

Previous annual reviews can be download here:

Annual Review 2007

Annual Review 2005